Coaching is not therapy or consultation, but a co-creative relationship.

The coach is not 'the expert' but rather a partner in problem solving and accountability.

The result is forward movement on personal or professional goals.

The focus is on what the client wants - the client wants to make a change of some kind to move forward either professionally or personally.

There is an assumption that the client has the answers, they only need support and targeting questions to bring it forward.

Coaching is very popular these days - in the corporate world, high achieving managers are provided with coaching not because they have deficiencies, but because they are worth investing in.

New coaching clients enjoy a three-session package for only $150.00!

Soul Kitchen, in Red Bank, is an example of a social enterpise with a double bottom line.  Paying customers and 'vouchered' customers eat healthy, homemade meals together and no one knows who is who.  Soul Kitchen is two years old now, and customers are equally divided among those who have earned vouchers to eat and those who pay.



"I can't thank you enough for all your help improving both my resume and letter of intent.  You truly turned things around for me!!  You are awesome."

                A coaching client seeking a public appointment 

"Thank you for helping me better examine my life, and start to reframe my priorities.  Your coaching played a role in my decision to move to ......., closer to the people and things I love."

             A coaching client in the nonprofit sector, overwhelmed...

"I had the pleasure of having Pat as a coach.  She is very professional and positive.  I will always remember that 'The person interviewng you wants you to get the job!'"

A job seeking client in the for-profit sector, rebounding after being downsized...

"I could not be more grateul or thankful or have had your expertise and help with my resume and thoughts on career path, life choices, and time to focus on going forward."

A nonprofit professional looking for a change...

"Your advice has been instrumental in my professional development this year and out organization's success."

          A communications/development director of an international nonprofit..





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